for businesses doing good

We empower businesses & organizations to connect their values & practices around issues related to sustainability, social impact, and CSR. We love helping ventures:  

  • Define your mission & values and identify specific steps to align your business practices. 
  • Assess your business's current impact on stakeholders including your team, the community, and the environment. 
  • Apply to become a certified B Corporation and join the community of like-minded leaders using the power of business to benefit people, the planet, while earning a profit.
  • Implement strategic plans to develop innovative market opportunities and messaging that highlights & differentiates your brand. 
  • Track the ROI of doing good well. 
for changemakers

We empower changemakers to find & create impact careers. We love helping changemakers (students, young professionals, experienced leaders, and everyone in between):  

  • Identify where your interests, passions, gifts, talents, strengths, and sense of purpose intersect-- leading to meaningful careers & personal success. 
  • Navigate the college admissions process (applications, essays, resumes, scholarships, choosing best-fit schools).
  • Find engaging learning experiences (like internships & gap years) to learn, develop, and practice the skills that identify you as a top candidate for employers.
  • Identify & connect with industry leaders positioned to serve as advisors, mentors, and future employers. 
  • Develop plans to launch your own venture (whether it's a for-profit business, non-profit organization, or hybrid).